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Climate Deniers vs. "Bill Nye Saves The World"

Updated: Feb 12, 2018

Issue = Denial of Climate Change

"As the Attorney General of Oklahoma, [Scott] Pruitt has shown he is not only a relentless opponent of EPA standards for climate pollution. He has been a relentless opponent of basic pollution limits as well, the kind that protect us from mercury, smog, arsenic and other deadly air toxics. He questions whether toxic mercury pollution is hazardous to public health. He shut down his office’s Environmental Protection Unit. And now he wants to do for the United States what he did for Oklahoma." Donald Trump's EPA Pick Imperils Science—And Earth

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TV Antidote = Bill Nye Saves The World

"Bill Nye Saves the World will debut on Netflix on April 21 (the day before Earth Day) with 13 episodes that seek to debunk anti-scientific claims and myths in topics ranging from sex to alternative medicine to, yes, climate change." Bill Nye Saves the World, the Anti-Anti-Science Show, Hits Netflix in April

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